Hello, this is SNOW(poke).
I like having boba in my mouth... and I draw sometimes...!



Base price: 35 USD
Additional Character: +20 USD (Maximum: 1)
Big props (ie. weapons): +5 USD per item

PayPal invoice only; 100% payment upfront
ETA 3 weeks depending on my workload

will drawnot confidentwon’t draw
OC, WoL, vtubsarmornsfw

additional costs may be added depending on complexity of design



• I receive the Google Form you submitted to me.
• I will accept or deny your request and contact you accordingly.
• If request is accepted, the price will be discussed and an invoice will be sent out to the email you provided once we reach agreement. I require 100% payment upfront and will start drawing once I receive it.
• Sketch is sent to you for approval, adjustments can be requested here.
• Lineart, maybe WIP pic, color color color
• Finished artwork will be sent to you in a google drive folder with a couple background options! If there are any minor adjustments or color corrections needed, mistakes I may have made, please let me know within 24 hr; I am more than happy to fix it.
• Commission is marked as complete and the order is now closed!
• Request sent in through Ko-fi
• Similar to the commission process done through Skeb where there won't be any communication between myself and the client, so no requests for revisions.
• Finished artwork will be delivered to client through preferred contact method and posted on Ko-fi


More in-depth version is included on the invoice.PERSONAL USE ONLY. NO PROFITABLE, COMMERCIAL, AI, OR NFT USE. feel free to print it out as a sticker for your forehead tho.
• I retain all copyright for commissioned artwork, do not claim as your own.
• You may not request for a refund once the invoice has been paid for (subjected to change on a case-by-case basis.)
• Refunds will be given if I cannot finish your commission within the allotted period of time or if I am unable to complete it.
• You may upload the commissioned artwork on any website and other social media. Credit is not necessary, but highly appreciated! 🤍